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Tim Cole is an American citizen who has been living and working in Germany for more than 40 years. He has gained wide experience working with all kinds of public media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Internet) as well as pursuing a successful career as a public speaker and trainer. His wife is Austrian. They live in Munich.


An American in Germany


1950 born in Moses Lake, Washington 

1961 moved to Germany
          completed German secondary shchool ("Gymnasium")
          Associate in Arts degree, University of Maryland 

1969-1978 Reporter for Germany various daily newspapers
         (Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung,, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, BILD-Zeitung) 

1979 editor of various sepcial-interest magazines (auto motor und sport)

1980 free-lance journalist/author/translator
          (for instance "Playboy" magazine, "Capital", "Die Welt")

1988 founder and editor of Reisemobil International 

1992 head of Multimedia Group, Motor-Presse Stuttgart
          (responsible for "connect", "Video", "video aktiv"
           and "Zounds! the Music Magazine") 

1994 free-lance Internet journalist 

1995 editor in chief, "Internet Report" 

1997 editor and co-publisher, "NET-Investor"
          (first German Internet business magazine) 

2000-02 moderator of CeBIT eTalk by n-tv (German CNN affiliate)

2004 founder and senior partner, Kuppinger Cole + Partner
          (only German analyst group focusing on Identity Management) 


1986 Sommerdrinks (G+U) 

1990 Happy Hour (Brigitte-Verlag) 

1998 Success Factor Internet (Econ) 

1999 Management Task IT Security (Carl Hanser) 

2000 The Customer Cartell - customer empowerment in the age of the Internet (Carl Hanser)




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