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Improve your understanding and communication skills when dealing with partners, customers or colleagues from Germany!


Germans are different than Austrians - and both are very different from the Swiss. Americans who meet and do business with people from one of the German-speaking countries are bound to run up against a wide range of culture barriers at at least four levels: national, organizational, divisional, and work-team.

In order to understand both the national and corporate cultures of partners, customers or colleagues from Central Europe, Americans have to focus on understanding both the German business organizations they are dealing with and the people who get things done in them.

At New Media Training, you get the best of both worlds: an American instructor who has been living and working in Germany for more than 40 years. One who speaks your language and understands the problems you may encounter in meeting and dealing with German-speakers.

In our customized seminars small groups of participants can achieve an in-depth cultural understanding of the differences separating Americans and Germans and learn how to have genuinely productive encounters by saving time and avoiding potentially embarrassing situations. We will help you pinpoint ways to manage meetings that free them to refocus on productive tasks:

Culture is an integrating force in any human group.  Finding out how culture provides a sense of integrity – oneness, a recognizable pattern – for its members, and how it enables members to adapt to changing circumstances, is essential to establishing trust in business relationships. 

Being able to disentangle the complex interplay of cultural influences and to comprehend how various cultural patterns influence the individual behavior and attitudes of employees, and vice versa, is an important step towards more effective negotiations.  Equally important, Americans should direct their attention not only to formal systems and procedures, but also to informal and implicit European work processes ("how-we-get-things-done-around-here" practices).

Our seminars directly address subtle cognitive factors, such as:

1. individuals' cultural identities

2. conflicting assumptions about what constitutes "good work"

3. suspicions of one side about the other – how to redefine "us" and "them"

4. the emotional impact of symbols – how to leverage them

5. culture-based behavior patterns and how to deal with the inevitable gaps between the American and German way of doing things .   

At New Media Training, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all seminars. That's why we tailor the contents of our seminars to fit the individual needs of each client. We also like to keep the groups small so that we can focus on each individual participant. Here is a list of possible topics to be covered in a typical one-day session:

Background: Why Germans are different

  • Cultural Perspectives: German history, geography and technology and how they influence people

  • Social values and how to build trust

  • Business life in Germany

  • American humor and how it can backfire with Germans

  • Pitfalls in dealing with Germans and how to get out of them

  • The unmentionable: topics to avoid

Communications training: „Standard English“ – the smallest common denominator for businesspeople 

  • Regional differences among Germans and between the various German-speaking countries

  • National stereotypes: How Germans recognize Americans and what they really think about us

Practical training: The German Negotiator

  • The Language of Business In Germany

  • Making Contact: How to win the confidence of your German counterparts

  • Different styles: why do Germans seem so straight-laced and formal?

  • Body Language: successful nonverbal communication with Germans 

Language raining: The art of being understood

  • „Germanisms“ – what they really mean

  • German words in English

  • English words in German

Workshop: „What can you as an American bring to the international table?“


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